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Friday, August 27, 2010


Urad whole(washed) - 1 cup
Salt - to taste
Green chilli - 2-3
Crushed black pepper - 1 tsp
Coconut pieces - 1 tbsp
Curry leaves - a sprig
Oil - for deep frying

Wash and soak urad in water for 3-4 hrs.
Drain all water and grind with salt and green chilli to a fine paste.Do not add water while grinding.
Transfer to a bowl and add black pepper,coconut pieces,curry leaves and mix well with a spatula or spoon.
Keep a bowl of water,before starting the frying.Wet your hand every time before shaping vadas.
Heat oil for frying in medium high.
Take a thin plastic paper(5"x 5" min). Grease with little water or oil.
Place a lemon sized batter over it(Do not spread the batter). Make a hole in center.
Holding paper in left hand, wet your right palm and then carefully transfer this doughnut shaped batter from paper to right hand fingers.
Then leave it into hot oil. Deep fry vadas until color turns to golden brown.
Serve vadas with sambar or chutney.

1)If batter is very thick, then vadas wont become fluffy and light inside.
2)If batter becomes thin consistency, add little rice flour till you get perfect consistency. But this makes vada crisper outside but less fluffy inside.
3)Do not fry vadas in low heat as it makes vadas oily.
4)If you are unable to shape up vada, then just drop small balls of batter in oil and make bondas.

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